Aiken Newcomer Founds New Networking Group for Businesswomen

The Women’s Interactive Network (WIN) has just been launched in the Aiken area, according to Eleanor Togneri, founder of the women’s organization. WIN is dedicated to creating success for businesswomen.

“WIN will hold events for businesswomen throughout the year. The goal is to connect women by hosting network lunch meetings, training seminars – including leadership training – after-hours network events, and more!” explained Eleanor

“WIN will keep women connected, sharing, learning and growing together. It will encourage women to do business together, refer business to each other and all move forward to achieve success together,” she elaborated. “The goal is to empower women to be their very best. Wonderful things happen when women work together!”

The WIN motto is: One woman can make a difference, but together they can change the world!

The first WIN event was held January 26 at Newberry Hall where businesswomen gathered for lunch, presentations and discussions about women’s issues in the workplace. Topics included sexual misconduct, stress in the workplace and women collaborating instead of competing. Guest speakers were Dana Rideout, LPC, RYT100, owner of A Leader’s P.A.C.E.; Joy Trammell of Tontour LLC; and Allison Reaves of The Right Click, Inc.

Chamber Event Launched WIN

WIN founder Eleanor Togneri is owner of Business ExSellence. A business consultant and employee trainer supported by 35 years of experience in the business world, she was the speaker at the October Aiken Chamber of Commerce Women in Business event where 130 businesswomen attended. “I was ecstatic with the feedback and interest level of the women in attendance,” she said.

Aiken Newcomer Founds New Networking Group for Businesswomen | Aiken Bella Magazine
Eleanor Togneri

The success of the October event encouraged Eleanor to launch WIN in this area. Prior to her recent move to Aiken, she ran a similar, very successful women’s group in New Jersey which continues today. “Over the years topics have been covered by compelling speakers, and feedback from the women who attend has been overwhelmingly positive,” Eleanor continued, adding that she hopes to bring a high level of energy and offerings to women in this area. Her desire is to “empower women, teach them and give them tools to create success and achievements in their businesses.”

Eleanor said she is excited about the collaborations she has formed with some of the other women’s groups already in existence in the area. She has become a member of Successful Women’s Mastermind Alliance (SWMA) run by Abigail Tiefenthaler and is also a member and Ambassador of the Aiken Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club of Aiken.

Eleanor believes in the power of women working together and that “we need to collaborate more and compete less to accomplish more and reach our goals. Women are more powerful when we empower each other. Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant!”

2018: The Year to Celebrate Women

“The launch of WIN is especially timely right now as it appears that 2018 is going to be the year to celebrate women! Along with the movements that are in the forefront of the news right now, such as the “MeToo” and “Time’s Up,” and equal pay and opportunities for women, there are even expectations of another woman running for President in 2020,” she commented.

“There are many important initiatives taking place right now. An example is a group of more than 1000 women in entertainment who have detailed a comprehensive plan to combat sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and inequality.

“The Time’s Up campaign, spearheaded by hundreds of actresses and executives, will push for a substantial increase in women hires along with equal pay and bene ts. This group believes that the time is up for waiting, tolerating discrimination, harassment and abuse. This program includes a legal defense fund that has raised millions of dollars to help survivors of sexual assault and harassment across all industries. It will also push for legislation that takes action against companies that harbor predators of sexual harassment.

“There is definitely an amazing and welcome tone and many men are also getting involved in supporting these issues,” she concluded.

Eleanor hopes to see many more in attendance at the next WIN event which will be an after-hours networking gathering. More information will be provided by Eleanor on her website She can also be contacted through email at or by phone at 609-332-2797.