Natural Solutions: Ionized/Alkalized Water

Water is essential to life and well-being, so it makes sense that our bodies feel better when properly hydrated.  But according to Daniel King of Oasis Holistic Healing Center, it takes more than just drinking a glass of water.  Instead, we need to drink alkalized water to help counteract the generally acidic nature of our food.  He uses a filter and ionizer to create alkalized water, or water that has been split into negatively and positively charged ions.  The negatively charged water is more alkaline, which your body uses more efficiently.

Daniel said we all have moments of awakening.  His came from being in chronic pain.  Over the years, he found that foods and nutrition were key in managing and even eliminating his pain.  “While some pain can help us grow, chronic pain is destructive,” he explained. Instead, Daniel believes that if you give the body what it needs and refrain from giving it what it doesn’t, then the body knows how to heal itself if we get out of its way.

In addition to selling alkalized water, Daniel offers nutritional and emotional counseling, especially for those looking to transition to a plant-based way of eating.  He also assists people in determining the optimal supplement regimen.  He helps clients find growth opportunities by addressing emotional and energetic blocks so they can be empowered to make positive changes.

Daniel is offering a discount of $1 off per gallon on your first order when you mention this article.  He will even deliver the water to you or your business (5-gallon minimum).  You can find Daniel on Facebook or his website at

Melissa Kitchings is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Triom Practitioner. Her experience includes the chakra system, creative visualization, intuitive energetic healing, Eden Energy Medicine and more, with a focus on the links between our minds, bodies, emotions, and spirits. Melissa has been a Reiki Master since 2003 and enjoys sharing this Divine gift with others. She feels it is her mission to help others heal and find the Divine essence in themselves.