The Great Eclipse of 2017 | (For the First Time in 99 Years)

Earth, moon, sun, stars and sky

On nature’s cycles we rely.

It’s coming! An event not to be missed

Giving the day’s activities a supernatural twist. 

Reviewing what the scientists predict

We know now what to expect.

We have had sufficient notice to be aware

A once in a lifetime event, a magical moment to share.


From northwest to southeast, crossing the USA

A 70-mile wide band of sky gazers in its pathway.

The sun, the moon, and a spot on earth align

Forming a perfectly straight line,

A rare phenomenon, a total solar eclipse.

Share the moment with others in friend and fellowship. 

It’s midday and the sky grows dark,

In life’s journal, a noted bookmark.

The stars come out, the sun now a slim crescent, 

Its light dramatically changed by this solar event.


Take a picture to create a memory if you must

But with your camera, do not fuss. 

Your own eyes will perceive gorgeous detail

While the camera to capture such will utterly fail.

The sun fully blocked by the sun in totality

Two minutes viewing time in our locality

Familiar surroundings will seem strange

An other worldly flavor, alien and out of range. 


With sudden twilight the birds stop singing

Crickets may even start chirping.

Don’t squander a single second

Hoping for total recall at day’s end

Of celestial bodies an aberration

A landmark event for a new generation. 


The Great Eclipse of 2017

Where is the best place to be for it to be perfectly seen?

There is no spot on earth that could be finer                                

Than to be in Aiken, South Carolina!


– Joan Lacombe, Poet Laureate of Aiken

  August 21, 2017